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About Divorce Coaching

If you’re still unsure whether hiring a divorce coach is the best option for you, Divorce Coaching Solutions has you covered.  Below are some typical questions and more information about the benefits of divorce coaching.

What are some common challenges you address in your sessions?

While every case is different, many men and women going through a divorce have similar challenges. Many of our clients are:

  • Unsure about filing for divorce
  • Unclear on how to tell spouse and/or children about divorce
  • Feeling disorganized, unfocused, anxious, intimidated
  • Shocked by being served with divorce papers
  • Concerned about their children - will they be okay?
  • Overwhelmed and confused by ongoing divorce litigation and the family court system
  • Dealing with an uncooperative spouse
  • Grieving a lost relationship and dreams of long-lasting marriage
  • Hurt by spouse's new relationship or infidelity
  • Worried about their own new romantic relationship, and when to tell children
  • Re-entering the workforce after many years of raising children
  • Concerned about finances and how they will earn income
  • Dealing with guilt, shame, embarrassment of divorce

When should I hire a divorce coach?  

Divorce Coaching Solutions works with clients at any stage of divorce -- whether you are considering divorce, in the middle of high-conflict litigation, or seeking help transitioning into life after divorce.  

I've already hired an attorney; do I still need a divorce coach?

Many of our clients have attorneys!  While divorce coaches do not provide legal advice, we certainly help you become clear-headed and organized for upcoming litigation: hearings, mediation, meeting with parenting coordinators, and attending your trial.  We are your thinking partners, your sounding board... and we provide clarity so you can focus on your attorney's legal strategy.  Our clients who have attorneys report that they actually save money because they spend less time with their attorney on non-legal matters and are more prepared and organized for legal appointments. 

I'm ready to book a session -- does it matter where I live?

It does not matter where you live; you can attend a session virtually from ANYWHERE.  We can't wait to meet you!  

Do you offer in-person sessions?

Yes!  We offer in-person sessions as well as virtual sessions via Zoom or telephone.

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