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Having a Certified Divorce Coach as part of your legal team is invaluable to your family law clients.  Imagine your clients having access to a divorce coach when they are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, unfocused, and emotional.  Experienced family law attorneys understand that a client's concern is not always a legal issue.  Divorce Coaching Solutions will be there to guide and support your clients when they need it most.

Divorce Coaching Solutions can support your family law clients and your firm.

Here's how our annual or month-to-month subscriptions can help your firm:

Distinguish your Firm

Distinguish your firm by offering divorce coaching services to prospective clients.  We know that Divorce Coaches have long been the missing piece of the legal team and often hear "I wish this service was offered to me when I was ​going through a divorce."  With this service, your firm can retain and help more clients going through the trauma of divorce.  

Let your legal team focus on litigation.  Leave the rest to us.

Our clients agree - having a divorce coach as part of the legal team helps bring them clarity and better understanding their goals.  They are better able to communicate with their attorneys and feel more confident and more involved in their own cases.  Clients appreciate divorce coaching because they can address the overwhelm and emotions with their coach, and learn to focus on the "business" side of divorce.  

Sometimes, it's not a legal question.

Divorce Coaching Solutions provides a certified coach who is experienced in addressing divorce issues such as better communication with an uncooperative spouse, detailed plans for re-entering the workforce, preparing client for divorce discussions with spouse or children, and dealing with emotions from infidelity and new relationships.  We are here to support your clients and reduce their anxiety as they endure stressful litigation.

Affordable solutions for any law firm.

Divorce Coaching Solutions offers support for your firm's clients and legal team at an affordable cost.  Each of your current family law clients will have access to our divorce coach and can easily schedule a session with us -- no additional work on your team's part.  We offer a discounted six-month subscription, or choose a month-to-month option if you prefer.  

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